Social Media Marketing

WFacebookhen a consumer makes a decision, suggestions and reviews from people they know takes preference over advertising.  Consumers are much more likely to make their next purchase based on a recommendation from a friend or customer review than from an advertisement. For the first time in history, technology has reached a point where every individual’s voice, opinion and referral can be heard. Through social media, this voice has become a powerful force influencing and changing the ways individuals, companies and communities behave.

InstagramPlatforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin have created online communities where people can share as much or as little personal information as they want with other members. The result is an enormous amount of information that can be easily shared, searched, promoted, disputed, and created. If used properly, it can create an enormous “buzz” about your business all over the world!


Big Companies know the value of Social Media Marketing and use it continuously as a solid form of marketing their products.  A well thought out and planned Viral Digital Marketing Campaign can expose your products or services quickly and exponentially.  We relate it to a match being struck and lit….

Social Media is NOT a fad.  In fact, we can safely say it’s just getting started!


Paid Internet Advertising

Paid Search involves making your business’s website or ads more visible on relevant search engine result pages or on social media sites. Paid Search ads includes anything from text ads on Google’s or Bing’s results pages, to ads on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, to affiliate marketing. Internet users spend most of their time on search engines, and social media sites are a close second. Having your ads being the first that a potential customer comes across is therefore crucial and gives you the opportunity to advertise to a massive audience hundreds of millions in number.Google Adwords


SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of increasing traffic to a website by increasing its visibility in a search engine’s un-paid, or “organic”search results. When search engines like Google and Bing return their top results from a search, the listings are sorted by what the search engine deems most relevant. SEO increases a page’s relevance by analyzing what people search for, the actual search terms and keywords typed into search engines, and how search engines return their results. Higher-ranked, more visible websites receive the most visits and are easily located by potential clients.



If you want to go completely Viral, you can’t leave out YouTube!  With the right videos, you can generate thousands to millions of viewers in a short period of time!  YouTube is a custom service we provide.  Contact us for a quote.



Social Media Packages

We have 3 Package offerings to produce business revenue and growth through Social Media Marketing:

Compare our Social Media Marketing Packages
Options Starter Bronze Gold Platinum
4 Social Media Sites X X X X
One Monthly Meeting X X X X
Google Adwords X X X
Google Analytics X X X
Blog Posting X X
Create & Monitor Google Campaign X
Add custom services X
Pricing $650 $850 $1195 Call for custom quote

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Social Media Marketing Packages