Text Messaging Marketing

These days, everyone leaves their house with 3 things: their keys, wallet and of course, their cell phone. Text messages have the highest read rate of all social media & other forms of marketing.

It costs six times more to bring in a new customer than it does to bring back an existing customer. The average business loses 20% of their customer base per year.

Did you know that Americans send 69,000 texts every second?

10% of mobile time is devoted to Social Media, while 20% is devoted to messaging.

A well thought-out, opt-in advertising campaign delivered by text to people’s smartphones can be a highly effective marketing tool–a much better one than email.

People sign up for email opt-in lists all the time, however 95 percent of email is spam, and with the typical user getting hundreds of emails a day, even if you’ve opted in, marketing email can get lost in your inbox. The danger of marketing emails being ignored is especially high now that Gmail automatically divides inboxes into three or more folders, automatically gathering promotional emails into their own ghetto, far away from the “primary” messages users are likely to prefer.

On the other hand, promotional text messages have a 95 to 97 percent open rate. Email open rates are currently hovering around 28 percent.

You can use MMS to send images or short videos to your customers’ smartphones. And while an SMS can, of course, include a URL for a YouTube video, YouTube on a mobile device can reach 50 to 60 percent of Americans, while an MMS can reach nearly 100 percent….That alone seems a good reason to give text marketing a serious look. Contact us at 646-450-7933 or email us at info@dmeconsultingco.com to get more information on how you too can have an effective Text Messaging Campaign to promote your business and increase your profits.